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  • CQT2-DG3

  • BND-WT42

  • ADCP-ONP-77

  • ADC-YB-41

  • CNC-SP-62

  • CQP-GML-51

  • PCQ

  • PCQ-CCG-60

  • TOM-PCQ-56

  • RGL2T-BG-69

  • RGLN-CQ25

  • CQT1-RD9

  • CQT2-BL1

  • CNT-GN-34

  • NKA-M1

  • PCQ-GRN-67

  • RCK-BLRD-4

  • RGLN-V-61

  • RGN-OP9

  • CQ1T-BLM-66


  • CQT2-RD

  • BPQ-BG34

  • CPCC-QT1


Redefining casuals Polo T-shirts are not only cool but also confortable to wear. Known popularly as a golf and tennist shirt, polos are collored shirts with just two or three buttons. Iconic and heritage inspired, polo shirts which were initially atheletic clothes became popular among men as casual wear.

Fashioned with care with different GSM (gram per square metre), our clothing attest to our quality. As one of the leading Golf t-shirt manufacturers in Bangalore, we have a large range of polo t-shirts made from different materials – 100% cotton, 100% cotton bio wash, cotton mercerised, blended cotton, PC and polyester knitted t-shirt etc.

Apart from plain polo t-shirts, we are also known as the leading cotton t shirt manufacturers in Bangalore as we collaborate with popular designers and design houses to make clothing line of customized polo t-shirts.

We are also know as the best corporate t-shirt manufacturers in Bangalore as we customize and design polo shirts for corporate companies and promotional events. We also export bulk quality polo t-shirts to many of our clients abroad.